Dear Sir.

How are you doing? We have been trying to reach you for a while now but to no 
avail. Is everything alright with you? Why did you choose to abandon your 
funds? The Federal Government have directed Central Bank to deposit your funds 
to the Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture for confiscation.

You have been processing the funds for transfer/delivery for sometime but was 
abandoned by you due to reasons best known to you. I guess you might have been 
hurt badly in your quest to claim your funds hence you abandoned the funds.

I wish to inform you that myself and my colleague in the cash Evacuation of the 
Central Bank of Nigeria have concluded all arrangements to ship and deliver the 
funds to your designated address.

Please send to me your direct number and full home 
address/occupation/age.Attached copy of your international passport or drivers 

To consider our official positions, reputation and integrity, especially, the 
opportunities in the business itself, it is very necessary that all due care be 
taken so that we do not miss the opportunity due to carelessness. You are 
therefore expected and advised to display high degree of maturity, 
responsibility and understanding in handling this transaction.

I will give you all the details in my next mail when you have indicated your 
interest and commitment to work with me. I expected that you will join me 
honestly in chanting the way forward.

Remember that heaven only help those that help themselves. Let us try to finish 
this. let us see to it that the end will justify the means. If at the end of 
the day you receive your money, I know the joy of it will outweigh the 
sufferings. I await your swift and positive reply.

Delivery Director
James Goodwill
  • FYI Delivery Director
    • FYI Delivery Director
    • FYI Delivery Director

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