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> All AD-integrated DNS servers regard themselves as Primaries in SOA
> records,

Can you provide a domain name as an example so I can test? 

> you get the error "The primary nameserver doesn't match the given
> one" because the test checks both servers, and gets a reply back
> from both of them saying they are the primary SOA.

Some TLD use a similar scheme (".at" for instance). It is questionable
and has nothing to do with redundancy (".de" have identical SOA
records while each site generates the zone separately).

The point of Zonecheck is to check that all name servers have the same
SOA, so the zone is consistent. I don't have a specific workaround to
offer but I suggest to tell AD to use identical SOA (sorry, I do not
know AD, I cannot suggest a way to do it).

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