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> The only way to use identical SOA is to go back to a 'flat' zone
> file.  Utarget.fr is hosted on the same Windows dns system as
> sksl.com, but I have had to make this into a flat zone file to pass
> the zonecheck tests.

Unsure of what to do, I nevertheless registered the issue:


For the registration rules of ".fr", you will have to go through the
official formal process ("Comité de Concertation", "Groupe de Travail
Technique" and so on).

> Im not normally a fan of windows, but in this case the AD system is
> great, because if a server dies, rather than restoring zones from
> backups or reconfiguring a secondary into a primary, I can just move
> the IP to another DNS server in the AD, which is already reporting
> itself as a primary.

Putting its name in the SOA is completely pointless for that
purpose. From the outside, there is no primary/secondary, only
authoritative nameservers, all being equal.

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