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> coherence between NS and ANY records


% dig @dns1.name-services.com ffb.fr NS
[displays the NS records in the answer section]
ffb.fr.                 3600    IN      NS      dns1.name-services.com.

% dig @dns1.name-services.com ffb.fr ANY
ffb.fr.                 3600    IN      A
ffb.fr.                 3600    IN      MX      10 routenullmx.ffb.fr.
ffb.fr.                 3600    IN      SOA     dns1.name-services.com.
       info.name-services.com. 2002050701 10001 1801 604801 181
[and no NS records, they are only in the authority section]

So, Zonecheck rightly complains, this name server seems quite buggy.

> I have no idea what that means, and I don't even know what an ANY
> record is.

Please talk with your DNS administrator. Zonecheck is a technical
tool, intended for a technical audience (for the record :-) there are
no ANY records, an ANY query means "give me all the records you know,
whatever the type).

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