On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 05:10:32PM +0100,
 Shane Kerr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote 
 a message of 42 lines which said:

> The lines are (after telling Zonecheck to continue on failure):
>     * borg.c-l-i.net./
>     * ns5.zoneedit.com./
>     * ns3.zoneedit.com./
> This is for my own domain, time-travellers.org, which uses the
> mxbackup.gradwell.net as an MX backup (should be obvious from the
> name).

After running under tcpdump's supervision, it seems that you've hit
Zonecheck bug #13035 :


Because of the short TTL on the A record, ANY requests typically never
return it (from time to time, it works).

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