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>> IMHO _no_ registry should take care about zone configurations of
>> either "own" zones or even foreign zones.
> Funny, I'm currently at the RIPE meeting and Jim Reid is explaining
> the future ".tel" registry. It will go much further: every name server
> of a ".tel" domain will have to be accredited, after thorough
> technical checks and will have to live under Much
> stronger requirments than AFNIC's :-)

as stated, this is my personal opinion.

I have to live with SIDN restrictions or DENIC limitations, I've been
able to handle it until now. is also a good bad example of
paranoia, but AFNIC has been the worst I've come to know up to now, why
should it not be topped by another registry? And if my boss tells me to
set up .tel on our side, I'm going to do so, nobody asks for my
opinion... I don't bother about this fact.

The underlying question was, why zonechecks quits with a fatal error on
third party nameserver "misconfiguration", which was in fact not
detectable. zonecheck provoked an answer on an unconfigured zone entry,
the nameserver software responded with a SERVFAIL.

If nobody asks "stupid" questions, nobody will receive a SERVFAIL. Thus
there is no technical problem. The other way round the requestor gets
what he deserves.

Again: zonecheck must not check the configuration of third party
nameservers, this is a bug, the only relevant information are within the
nameservers which should be associated with a domain name. Third party
nameservers are under control of somebody one has no influence on.

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