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I have setup a siebel component called scs on a local zone. The application gets 
installed fine and I can see it running and connecting to the database, however I 
am unable to connect to this application i.e scs by using another tcl application 
called java client from another machine (by providing ip address of the zone) which 
is on solaris 9 & 6.
What puzzles me more that ps -ef | grep -i scs shows me the same output from 
all the zones and points to a common location eg./app01/...
Then if I enter the ip address of the global zone for connecting the java 
client to the scs it starts working and the client is able to talk to the scs 
Can anyone share any thoughts why the connection between the client & scs 
process is failing when using zone specific ip address?

what does 'netstat -a' or 'netstat -na' show in the zone in question?

can you 'telnet locahost <app port number>' from within the zone to see if your 
app is even listening?

also look at your netmasks. if the clients are a router hop away, and your netmasks are off, you won't connect. i have had this happen on some configs when i wasn't careful to add the netmask to the net->address config line, or did not update /etc/netmasks in the zone itself. i'll see errors on the terminal where i start the zone.


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