Attached is a proposal I have just submitted to our
internal architecture review process.  This is to enable
support for doing a dry-run of a zone migration.

Please send me any questions or suggestions.




        This fast-track enhances the Solaris zones [1] subsystem to address
        an existing RFE [2] requesting the ability to do dry-runs of zone
        migration [3].

        We will enhance the zone detach subcommand so that it can generate the
        manifest without actually detaching the zone.  We will enhance the zone
        attach subcommand to read a manifest and validate the migration without
        actually doing an attach.

        Patch binding is requested for the new sub-command options and the
        stability of these interfaces is "evolving".



        The zone migration PSARC case [3] describes the procedure for
        migrating a zone from one machine to another.

        The procedure for validating a migration with the new dry-run
        feature is similar to a full migration.  It involves the following

        1. Generate the manifest on the source host.  This leaves the zone on
           the originating system in its current state (installed, running,
           etc.).  The zone manifest is sent to stdout.  The sysadmin can
           direct this to a file or pipe it to a remote command that will
           immediately validate the target host.

        2. If the sysadmin did not pipe the output, then the sysdmin
           administrator copies the manifest to the new host system.

        3. Validating the zone migration.  This will validate that the host is
           capable of supporting the zone.  The validation is described in [3].
           The zone does *not* have to be configured on the new host before
           before doing the dry-run attach.  In addition, we will validate
           the zone configuration and inform the user of any issues (e.g. the
           network device is incompatible).

    New zoneadm sub-command options

        We will add a '-n' option (no execute) to the zoneadm 'detach' and
        'attach' subcommands.

        The syntax for dry-run detaching a zone will be:

                # zoneadm -z my-zone detach -n

        The syntax for dry-run attaching a zone will be:

                # zoneadm attach -n path_to_manifest

        During the dry-run attach we perform the standard validation that
        is normally done prior to a full attach as well as the validation of
        the zone configuration.  The path can be '-' to specify stdin.


        # zoneadm -z my-zone detach -n | ssh remotehost zoneadm attach -n -


        New zoneadm subcommand options
                detach [-n]             Evolving
                attach [-n path]        Evolving


1. PSARC 2002/174 Virtualization and Namespace Isolation in Solaris
2. 6401645 RFE: need support for pre-validating a zone migration
3. PSARC 2006/030 Zone migration
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