> Yes, IPMP is IP Multipathing. Even if you have multiple addresses on
 > the same subnet on different interfaces, as you do, it does not
 > automatically enable IPMP.

Though the resulting configuration is unsupported and broken.  That
is, if you have multiple IP interfaces on the same link, they *must*
be configured into an IPMP group.  If you don't do this, you will see
duplicate broadcast and multicast traffic, among other problems.

 > And I still get confused by that selection.... Back with interface
 > groups (pre IPMP), outbound traffic on would leave on the same
 > interface a connection came in on, but I'm not sure that is still the
 > case.

With IPMP, outbound interface selection is determined in a round-robin
fashion the first time an application attempts to send to a particular
destination that does not yet have an IRE cache entry.
See illgrp_scheduler() for details.

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