Personal experience .... For now and until zone migration options (detach/attach) are available, we have created primary/standby zones (same names and configurations on all failover nodes)
with one condition where zones are in the following states: primary=RUNNING and all standby=INSTALLED.
VCS will use its ZONE agent to online/offline/clean/monitor zone's status and its application entry-points done with "hawizard" veritas VCS 4.1 tool.

Once the zone migration options (detach/attach) are available to the public, same all same OS rules of engagement on cluster nodes (Patches, Packages, ..etc)
would have to be stressed out and Zones would be created on their own Shared Storage (1 Volume/1 DiskGroup) for the zone content itself to migrate,
so we could experience steps like:
  1. Shutdown Application within Zone
  2. umount all application NFS shared volumes related to zone's application (NAS case)
  3. Halt the Zone to INSTALLED state
  4. Detach The Zone (zoneadm -z zonename detach)
  5. umount all application volumes related to zone's application (SAN case)
  6. Deport All DiskGroups for both Applications and Zone.
  7. Reverse the steps on the failed-over node and Attach the Zone (zoneadm -z zonename attach), boot the zone and start the application.
At least that is what we have done so far and yet to experiment with zone migration options (detach/attach) shortly.

Hope this helps


Peter Wilk wrote:
IHAC that is asking the following question

from customer

I have a question regarding the VCS failover of
non-global zones between systems.

   Veritas supports a "zone" agent that is used to failover zones
between systems under cluster control.  There are several documented (by
veritas) restrictions on this:  (1) You must create a zone.xml file that
is unique to cluster member, as well as update the index.xml file for
the zone.  (2) The zone root must be on shared SAN disk (managed by
VxVM) so that it can be visible to both machines.

   My question is regarding Sun support of this technique.  Due to the
restrictions of non-global zones for patching and package-adding, when
you patch (or add a package to) a system when the failover zone is
present, it'll get  patched.  If it isn't present, it won't.  This
implies that both (all) systems in the cluster MUST be at identical
patch levels.

   Does Sun support the migration of zones from one machine to another
via this technique?  Is there an official position?



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