I went from snv36 to snv38 and have just noticed that you can now set the 
default NFS domain from within a sysidcfg file. One less step needed for 
automating zone builds (and jumpstarts).


>From man -s 4 sysidcfg
[i]  NFS version 4 Default Domain Name
     There is only one keyword for specifying the  NFSv4  default
     domain name:

     nfs4_domain=dynamic, value

     where value must be a fully qualified domain  name,  as  per
     RFC1033  and  RFC1035  recommendations.  The  reserved value
     dynamic suppresses the front-end installation prompt. At the
     same  time,  use  of  dynamic enables the NFSv4 domain to be
     derived dynamically, at run time, based  on  naming  service

     For example:

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