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I tried that and it did not work. When I cd into /cdrom/cdrom0 in the local zone, I only see the slices on the CD and nothing deeper than that. Adding devices and mounting those works, but I am trying to do something simpler than that for the people in datacenter to use.









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To add a CD-ROM:

run zonecfg and add the foolowing statements:

add fs
set dir=/cdrom
set special=/cdrom
set type=lofs
set options=[nodevices]


Mahesh Shakthy wrote:

I am new to zones and I was wondering if anyone has ideas about accessing cdrom drive from the global zone. I know I can add devices and mount the cdrom device in the local zone, but I am curious to know if it can be mounted and accessed similar to how vold does it on the global zone.
Thansk in advance.
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