Hi Paul
There is currently no available supported way of doing this.

So .....

the patch would literally have to copy a postinstall into the directory


and also edit the pkgmap in
to reflect the new file

this could be done via prepatch script and some shell scripting.

So not pretty, but it's the only way I know that this can be accomplished.


Paul Roberts wrote:


I'm looking at a problem that occurs when installing a non-global zone
due to some code that is executed in the postinstall script of the
SUNWcsr package (the error occurs because this code is not zone aware
and should not be executed within a non-global zone). As I understand
it (and this is still a little new to me so please correct me if I'm
wrong) the script is being run from a copy that was saved at package
install time in


One proposed solution to this problem is to modify SUNWcsr's
postinstall script so that checks are made to ensure this code is only
run under the correct circumstances.

This solution works fine, but the question is, how can the updated
postinstall script be delivered as a patch such that it is available
upon zone creation in the above directory?

As I understand things, the data stored in the pspool directory is
saved from the metadata associated with a package when that package is
installed, as as such those files themselves do not belong to a
package (e.g., the do not appear in .../install/contents) and are not
patch-able deliverables in their own right.

Is there an existing recommended method for updating these files in

One possibility might be to include a script with the patch that would
manually edit the pspool copy of the postinstall file to include the
updated code. Would that be a viable solution? Are there any glaring
disadvantages associated with that method?

Many thanks for your help, - Paul

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