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> 4. Attaching the zone.  This will validate
> that the host is
> capable of supporting the zone before the
>  attach can succeed.
>            The zone is left in the "installed" state.
> ation
> The validation will check that the exact
>  version of the required
> packages and patches are installed on the new
> host.  The algorithm
> to determine the packages and patches that
>  must be validated is:

It would be nice to check the ability for attachment without errors prior to 
moving the zone to the new machine. To minimize downtime for the application 
inside the zone proper configuration of the target host prior zone migration is 
necessary. Referring to the different possibilities of moving a zone there 
might not always be connections to the same storage or a common network at all. 
Summing up everything needed for comparison of the zone in an XML file seems 
like a good idea to me. Usage would look like something like

  srchost# zonecfg -z myzone dumpstate > myzone.state
  srchost# scp myzone.state targethost:
  targethost# zonecfg create --verify myzone.state

As an automated process this would act as a safety net to ensure proper 
migration with the current zone running and without too much data copying.

As a more lightweight implementation the check could be done on a remote (NFS) 
filesystem from where the zone root is mounted from the active server. This 
should be easy with a "don't do just check" -n Option:

  targethost# zonecfg create -n -a /exported/zone/root

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  -- Dagobert
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