Rob Fisher just asked an excellent question regarding making the 
console login to a non-global zone instead of the global zone.  I
have wanted to do something similar.  I want to install the smallest
(e.g. minimized) global zone possible.  The only way that I want a user
to be able to login into the global zone is via serial tty or standard
console.  Then, like Rob I would like to use a non-global zone for a
graphical desktop login where this non-global zone has a larger 
package set like OEM or something like that.

In addition, assuming that I have multiple NICs, I want each non-global
zone to have its own network interface and corresponding network IP
address.  However, each zone should route independently from the global
zone.  In fact, I don't want the global zone to have an IP address at

Are either of these two features possible today.  Or have either been
considered for the future?

Thanks in advance,

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