Brad Diggs wrote:
Rob Fisher just asked an excellent question regarding making the console login to a non-global zone instead of the global zone. I
have wanted to do something similar.  I want to install the smallest
(e.g. minimized) global zone possible.  The only way that I want a user
to be able to login into the global zone is via serial tty or standard
console.  Then, like Rob I would like to use a non-global zone for a
graphical desktop login where this non-global zone has a larger package set like OEM or something like that.

In addition, assuming that I have multiple NICs, I want each non-global
zone to have its own network interface and corresponding network IP
address.  However, each zone should route independently from the global
zone.  In fact, I don't want the global zone to have an IP address at

Are either of these two features possible today.  Or have either been
considered for the future?

The second part is being considered for the future. The stack instances component of the crossbow project is planning to provide this - there will be no internal sharing of TCP/IP state between zones that have been configured to have their own exclusive "NIC" (where "NIC" can be a physical NIC or a VLAN).


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