James Carlson wrote:
Adrian Saul writes:
Hi James,
	It fails regardless of having a dataset in the zone or even using a ZFS 
filesystem from another pool entirely.  I did some further digging and I 
think the problem is with lupi_zones attempting to verify the block 
device before mounting the filesystem:

That seems quite likely.  Can you file a bug on it?

As a workaround, is it possible to install the zone first and then add
the desired file system?

I've tried this as well, still doesn't take it.  I've been able to boot
the zone (without the fs added), play with it, then halt it and add it
back in.  Still gives an error...

could not verify fs /data: could not access zfs dataset '/zpool/zones/omc/omcdata'
zoneadm: zone omc1 failed to verify

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