In vplat_teardown, part of the teardown is:
* Call zone_shutdown, which will run the ZSD shutdown hooks
* Tear down network interfaces
* Tear down TCP connections
* Unmount filesystems.
* Call zone_destroy, which will run the ZSD destroy hooks

Why is this OK for NFS over TCP, in particular NFSv4? We've called the ZSD 
shutdown hook, which told NFS to stop a lot of kthreads; we've torn down the 
network interface which might have been the one it was using; we've aborted its 
TCP connection; and now we're asking it to unmount. Does this work only because 
we're trying a forced unmount first in unmount_filesystems? Isn't that somewhat 

I ask because I've attempted to create something like this behavior in a 
somewhat different environment (soft rebooting -- the global zone) and am 
ending up with (only some) NFS mounts unaccessable.

Thanks much.
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