* James Dickens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-07-20 10:19]:
> On 7/20/06, James Carlson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >What happens when the lock is disabled?  If I add another package to
> >the global zone that depends on things that were added while the lock
> >was enabled, does that work?  Do I get a flood of things hauled into
> >the now-unlocked non-global zone by dependency, or does the pkgadd
> >just fail?  The system is in a funny state at this point.
> dependency managment has allways been left to the system
> administrator, it would be up to them to deal with them now. Perhaps
> we could add a command that would add a package installed in the
> global into a non-global zone.

  I've been worrying about this aspect, too.  It seems that we might
  want to start to break down the states of a package installation.
  Without thinking too carefully, for a package that could be shared,


  while for a package that is not installed sparsely, there's


  This would mean that there's some hint available to the zone (if a
  package is in the INSTALLED_GLOBAL state) that a package is
  potentially available with further action (a local pkgadd, or an
  externally initiated operation).

  I am always curious whether there are ancient documents on this from
  the past work on diskless systems.

  - Stephen

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