On Sat, 22 Jul 2006, Manish Agrawal wrote:

Is there a timeframe when it will be possible to specify boot parameters in the
zone configuration. I plan to use zones in a classroom environment and would like to script the process of destroying existing zones and recreating them at the end of every semester. The ability to specify boot parameters in the zone configuration would be a great help so I don't have to go through the initial boot sequence for each zone every semester.

Hi Manish,

It sounds like you might be interested in the zoneadm "clone" option. This feature is currently in Solaris Express, and I am hopeful it will make Solaris 10 update 3. Does anyone from Sun happen to know if the "attach," "detach" and "clone" features could be released as a patch for Solaris 10? These are super useful options, and it would be awesome to get them in a supported version of Solaris prior to the next update.

- Ryan
UNIX Administrator

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