On Sat 22 Jul 2006 at 02:06PM, Manish Agrawal wrote:
> Is there a timeframe when it will be possible to specify boot
> parameters in the zone configuration. I plan to use zones in a
> classroom environment and would like to script the process of
> destroying existing zones and recreating them at the end of every
> semester. The ability to specify boot parameters in the zone
> configuration would be a great help so I don't have to go through the
> initial boot sequence for each zone every semester.

I'm not sure why boot arguments solves your problem (see Matty's
response)-- you may be looking for sysidcfg support which is already
present, or clone, which would help you snap off many identical

Anyway, as for boot arguments, I checked in support for this feature
into build 44 of Solaris Nevada.  The following are supported:

        -s (single user)
        -m <smf_options>
        -i </path/to/init>

All Solaris Express builds starting with B44 should have support
for setting the 'bootargs' property in the zonecfg:

zonecfg:myzone> set bootargs="-s"

Boot arguments may eventually appear in an update for Solaris 10
but I couldn't reasonably speculate as to which one (except not
the next one; that one is already "filled up" with features).



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