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Is there a timeframe when it will be possible to specify boot parameters in the 
zone configuration. I plan to use zones in a classroom environment and would 
like to script the process of destroying existing zones and recreating them at 
the end of every semester. The ability to specify boot parameters in the zone 
configuration would be a great help so I don't have to go through the initial 
boot sequence for each zone every semester.

Hi Manish,

If you need to duplicate zones quickly and escape the boot sequence (I
believe the SMF import stuff et.al), I'm not sure how much boot
parameters will help you.

Here's what we do now while waiting for zoneadm-clone that Matty
mentioned in S10.

1) Take a clean zone and sys-unconfig it.
2) Tar up an image of this zone's zonepath
3) zonecfg the new zone
4) Untar the image to the new zone's zonepath
5) Edit the file /etc/zones/index and set the new zone's status to "installed"
6) The new zone should boot straight into sysconfig

If you are using ZFS, Steps 2&4 are just a ZFS snapshot/clone with the
bonus of saving some disk space.

It's unlikely to be supported by Sun.  I haven't had any problems yet though.

That said, zones has pampered us so much that we have reduced the
"re-provisioning" cycle from weeks (if it involves a purchase) to
minutes.  And now, even 10 minutes seems too long.

Just me,
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