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 I haven't looked at S10 Update 2, but my previous interaction was that
certain monitoring
 commands like ps would truncate output at 8 chars.  When this happened, if
these first
 8 chars were non-unique then the output looked like it came from the same
 Is this fixed in S10 U2?

This is a long standing problem that predates zone names.  If you use
ps -o to list out the fields you want they are not truncated.

# ps -feZ | grep real | head -2
reallylo     root 100558      1   0 19:37:56 ?           0:00 zsched
 global     root 100557      1   0 19:37:54 ?           0:00 zoneadmd
-z reallylongnameforazone

# ps -e -o zone,user,pid,ppid,args | grep real | head -2
reallylongnameforazone     root 100558      1 zsched
 global     root 100557      1 zoneadmd -z reallylongnameforazone

That is with the exception of when the zone name is greater than 29
characters.  Then you run into bug 6284623, which is fixed with
123015-01.   The patch came out in January, but I am not sure if it
was included in update 2 or not.

Mike Gerdts
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