> > The fix for bug 6395576 adds the following failure mode:
 > > 
 > > If two interfaces are in an IPMP group and there are no global zone
 > > addresses attached to the interfaces (link-based failure detection),
 > > then upon a link failure and failback, a zone IP address can migrate
 > > back to the physical interface (e.g. bge2) rather than back to the
 > > virtual interface where it started (e.g. bge2:1).  When the zone is
 > > halted in this situation, the IP address stays active on bge2 until
 > > you unplumb it.  This also prevents the zone from completely shutting
 > > down.
 > Mike, that seems odd.  I'll try to followup with David about this
 > at our next meeting to understand why this is the case.

It makes sense to me -- there's nothing on the physical interface, so IPMP
migrates the address back there rather than to a logical.  The workaround
would be to set a -failover address on the physical interface.

Address migration is a major wart in the IPMP design, and something that
Clearview is in the process of disposing of.

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