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I found an old email written by Amol a while ago stating in effect that zones.cpu-shares has no meaning when the system is carved up into different pools. I would like some clarification, directly, I have a customer who wants to attach one zone to one pool, and the rest of the box, global and the rest of non-global zones can use the default pool and use cpu shares. From Amol's old email, this cannot be done. Can someone confirm this? Any supporting docs from Sun would be appreciated as well.

That is just not correct.  Using FSS on the one zone that has the dedicated
pset doesn't have any impact since those processes are not contending
with any other zone's processes for cpu resources.  However, there is no
reason you cannot use FSS for the other zones, and the global zone, to control
their access to the rest of the shared cpu resources.

This suggests that if zones are not bound to a pool, they can be limited via FSS. But aren't they technically bound to the default resource pool? If so, and I have more than one zone bound to a non-default resource pool, can I use FSS to limit the zones' interaction on that pool?

Thanks for clarifying.


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