I am attempting to run apache as a  non-root user in a non-global zone.  I'm 
not able to start apache, my error_log says:

Permission denied: mod_rewrite: could not create rewrite_log_lock

Thinking that this may be related to a privilege issue, I ran ppriv -e -D and 

httpsd.worker[14906]: missing privilege "ZONE" (euid = 170, syscall = 5) needed 
at tdirenter+0x300
Server start FAILED

What is "ZONE"?  There is proc_zone but that doesn't sound right, "allow a 
process to send signals to processes in other zones"?  Googling gives me some 
info on mod_rewrite, that I'm hitting some semaphore limits, shm and ipcs.

This works fine when I start apache as a non-root user in the global zone.  I 
would like to make this work in a non-global zone.  What is privilege "ZONE"?  
Has anyone seen this? What should I do next? (OK, privdebug is a given.)

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