in document there is something like this:

This resource should not be configured in a whole root zone.

In a sparse root zone, the inherit-pkg-dir resource is used to represent directories that contain packaged software that a non-global zone shares with the global zone.

The contents of software packages transferred into the inherit-pkg-dir directory are inherited in read-only mode by the non-global zone. The zone's packaging database is updated to reflect the packages. These resources cannot be modified or removed after the zone has been installed using zoneadm.

Four default inherit-pkg-dir resources are included in the configuration. These directory resources indicate which directories should have their associated packages inherited from the global zone. The resources are implemented through a read-only loopback file system mount.


It does make those file systems as read-only loopback, is there any way to make /usr read/write loopback or even if I need to make it as a separate file system partition of directory. I would like to make it so its read/write partition.

Please help.


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