Just a  small  problem report  , ignore    if this is  a known  problem.



While  playing with  zones  on    Nevada Build 41  machine  is AMD64   
home-built machine.
Target filesystem where zone is installed is ZFS.

while doing  
zoneadm -z vm1  install

*** package <SUNWsogm> installed with warnings:

pkgadd: ERROR: unable to create package object 
    pathname not symbolically linked to <../staroffice7/program/soffice>

Installation of <SUNWsogm> on zone <vm1> partially failed.

$ pkginfo -x SUNWsogm
SUNWsogm  GNOME Menu Integration for the StarOffice Office Productivity Suite
          (i386) 7.0.6,REV=61.2006.01.23

   System  has both  Soffice 7   & Soffice 8   installed.

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