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Containers and CPU-caps is what my customer really wanted when we ended up supporting FairShareII for then on 2.5.1. The pre-cursor to SRM. They had 3,000 separate Netscape 2.x instances running on a E4000, just two CPUs but mucho $$ of memory back then. NS would call netstat on every start, and it got worse as more interfaces came up. We broke lots of things, but eng came through big time and we got the deal. I tried 10,000 web sites on an Ultra 2. Dog slow.


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Jeff Savit wrote On 08/03/06 14:32,:
A few years ago, and I think on Solaris 8, Marcus Heckel went up to
64,000 logical interfaces on a 280R, and drove over 200 web hits per
second against them with one instance of Apache driving 1,000 IP
addresses.  Dropping that down to 2,000 interfaces and with separate
Apache instances, he had 1,700 hits per second. So, even on older
Solaris, older kit, and with Apache, we were able to demonstrate
impressive scalability. I wonder what results would be seen on Solaris
10 and a Niagara...

-- Jeff
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