Greetings people,

I was wondering if anyone here have some experience with mpxio and a storage 
array from a non-global zone? 

Today we are using Veritas for doing all kinds of magic with both disks and the 
array but with the arrival of ZFS, Zones etc we are now looking into the 
possibilities of migrating a few servers into a 'bigger' server with ZFS and 

What is the best way of installing a Zone? By sharing file systems as in 
'sparse-root' model or use 'whole-root' model ? 

As i understand things. Solaris 10 has mpxio sort of 'on' by default. Is this 
only for the Global Zone itself or can i 'disable' this and use it only for 
let's say 2 non-global zones? 

What i need to accomplish/be sure of is, 
1, Load balancing 
2, Failover by using 2 paths to the array from 2 configured Zones.
3, ......


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