> Greetings people,
> I was wondering if anyone here have some experience
> with mpxio and a storage array from a non-global
> zone? 
> Today we are using Veritas for doing all kinds of
> magic with both disks and the array but with the
> arrival of ZFS, Zones etc we are now looking into the
> possibilities of migrating a few servers into a
> 'bigger' server with ZFS and Zones.
> What is the best way of installing a Zone? By sharing
> file systems as in 'sparse-root' model or use
> 'whole-root' model ? 
> As i understand things. Solaris 10 has mpxio sort of
> 'on' by default. Is this only for the Global Zone
> itself or can i 'disable' this and use it only for
> let's say 2 non-global zones? 

Are the non-global zones going to share the 2 paths? Or do you have 4 paths (2 

If you have only 2 paths it is pointless to try to to use mpxio at the zone 

If you have 4 paths then you could assign a zfs pool per mpxio device, and 
assign the filesystem for each zone to the different pool. This would be sheer 
overkill. mpxio is at a very low level and presents the filesystem with 1 
unified device. All fail-over and load balancing is done underneath this 
device, therefore both ZFS and zones need not worry about it. The sysadmin is 
the only person who needs to care :)

Making the switch from vertitas vm to mpxio/zfs is a smart move. I had made the 
switch in the past after I did some testing and found out that performance wise 
mpxio is better, and fail-over is instantaneous. Veritas had a much noteable 
delay (no io) while it worked out what happend... The price for mpxio also 
helps - FREE.

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