Regarding the FAQ below – ftpconfig can be used from the global zone to setup 
the device special files.  Ie.

Localzone% [b]ftpconfig /datadir  [/b] 
     (sets up anon ftp user, but fails on device special files)

Global% [b]ftpconfig /zone/testzone/datadir[/b]
     (completes the job by creating the special files - also creates user in 

Global% [b]userdel ftp[/b]
     (deletes unrequired ftp user from global zone)

This way, you [i]can [/i]use ftpconfig to setup the zone to be an anonymous ftp 
server. (Obviously, relies on /datadir being an lofs filesystem from the global 

----- Original FAQ below
Q: Can a zone be an ftp server?
A: A zone can be an ftp server, but it is not possible to use ftpconfig(1M) to 
set up a zone to be an anonymous ftp server. This is because ftpconfig attempts 
to set up certain device special files, and a zone does not have the necessary 
privileges. [December 2005]
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