More information on the OS upgrade issue...

This is from the customer...
When I'm running in the multi-user state, all of the SAN devices show up as c7 devices (mpxio) and the internals show up as c1.  When I boot off of DVD, the SAN devices are still there, but they're translated back to c0 and c1 devices and the internals are c3, (i.e...mpxio isn't in control).

The gentleman that I'm working for here, opened a case way back when, #65058360.  Can you find out whether mpxio is in the miniroot?  ...and if it is, it doesn't appear to be working.


James Carlson wrote:
Dave Bevans writes:
I have a customer that is trying to upgrade the OS from Solaris 10 1/06 
to 6/06 from CD-ROM. He's running into problems when trying to upgrade 
the zones.

Stop there.  It's not (yet) possible to upgrade an S10 system with
non-global zones configured using CDs.

It's possible _only_ with the DVD image.

His zones are located on a SAN device which isn't recognized 
while booted to CD. He also says he has mpxio configured which is also 
creating issues. I tried to explain to the customer that the issue is 
with the OS that he's booting from not having any support for the SAN 

No, that's not the problem.

He came back to me and explained that he was told by Sun that 
this is a supported configuration and there should be a process to 
upgrade this.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this should work. Can it be done?

If he switches to either DVD or netinstall, yes.



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