IHAC installing Sybase ASE in a container and is raising the
max-shm-memory setting.  The box has 2G on it and he'd like
to have 1G reserved for ASE.

Looking in the local zone's /etc/project he has:


In his log he sees:

00:00000:00000:2006/08/11 13:38:39.60 kernel os_create_region: can't allocate 562290688 bytes 00:00000:00000:2006/08/11 13:38:39.60 kernel kbcreate: couldn't create kernel region. 00:00000:00000:2006/08/11 13:38:39.60 kernel kistartup: could not create shared memory

so it looks like its still limited to 1/4th of physical rather than
the 1/2 of the physical as desired.

Is there something at the zone level that needs to be done yet to
allow a larger shared memory allocation?

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