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Jan Hendrik Mangold wrote On 08/17/06 13:29,:

I tried finding the solution by scanning previous posts to this group, and looking into manuals, but I haven't found the answer yet.

Where do I define the services (SMF) that a) get started by default in a zone, and b) are made available to a zone?

My first guess would be that packages that are installed in a NGZ and are not hollow and deliver SMF files would be available as services in NGZs.

I know that services can not run in a zone at all, like routing or nfs. Is there a list somewhere, or does SMF contain a flag for services that can not run in a zone?

So specifically regarding routed, since it is a special case, in.routed is delivered in SUNWcsr, which is installed everywhere and not hollow, and it has net-init SMF method. So while the files are there, you don't have a router in a NGZ, and something prevents routed from running.

And that something is:

 if [ `/sbin/zonename` != "global" ]; then

So the SMF service method for routing knows that it is supposed to only run in the GZ.

Any pointers are appreciated.

Short of complete documentation of all this, seems brute force inspection is the only source for each service in question.


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