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Hi experts,

This is chunhuan from SC.
I have a question to consult you.
How can I confirm that the zones (global/non-global) status is ok or not
through explorer file gathered by version 5.5 ?

I would expect that the answer to whether a zone is "ok" is just as
subjective as whether a Solaris 9 installation is "ok".  Even though
its official state of a zone may be "running" (or a S9 box is in
run-level 3) that doesn't mean that someone hasn't removed /dev/null,
put in a trojan libc, had file systems that failed to mount, or had
services that didn't start.

As such, I would argue that (almost) all of the checks that would be
done to determine if the global zone on Solaris 10 is "ok" should also
be done in a local zone.  That is, look for missing patches, be sure
that svcs -x is clean, be sure that ~root/.rhosts doesn't say "+ +",


Mike Gerdts
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