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> Having built the second revision of the Run-Time Platform Solaris, I went on 
> to install zones.
> Effectively it turns out that if I were to satisfy all the dependencies, I 
> would effectively have to install more or less the entire X windowing 
> environment.
> Zone packages end up needing other packages, which end up needing the 
> SUNWj5rt package,
> SUNWj5rt needs a whole bunch of X-windows packages, such as SUNWxwplt and the 
> like,
> which personally I find insane and totally against my goal to build a 
> run-time platform that is as lean and as flexible as possible.
> Why do zone packages and eventually their dependencies like the pool package 
> end up needing Java? As soon as Java is in the game, I can forget a lean and 
> mean run-time platform. Java belongs in the middleware layer, not in the core 
> operating system layer.
> Is this a bug? Can this be fixed? When can it be fixed? This is in Solaris 10 
> 6/06, and most likely in Solaris 10 1/06 as well.

It is fixed in Nevada.

Take a look at:


for more details.


> It is simply insane that I have to install Java and X-windows software to get 
> zone functionality, i.e. satisfy package dependencies.
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