Customer is trying to use zones to consolidate systems. One of the cost items is that they are charged per NFS client for NAS services. So the customer is trying to mount NFS shares in the GZ and lofs mount them to NGZs. I/O errors result when accessing the mount point from the NGZ. This sounds very different from the NGZ NFS client of a GZ NFS server. What is preventing this mount point from being accessed (only in the NGZ)? Truss shows:

lstat64("testmount", 0xFFBFFD60)                Err#5 EIO


As a test, I mount the S10 jumpstart image into the GZ as Read-Only (just to remove issues since it is exported RO).

df -k shows:
                      55336079 35785601 19550478    65%    /a

I lofs mount RO onto a temporary directory

mount shows:
/opt/zones/z1/root/testmount on /a read only/setuid/devices/dev=4b80003 on Wed Aug 23 07:37:58 2006

The GZ shows:
# ls /opt/zones/z1/root/testmount
Docs        ExtraValue  Misc        Patches     Product     Tools

The NGZ shows:
# ls testmount
testmount: I/O error

NOTE: /opt is not part of the pkg-inherit-dir
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