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Filesystems must [1] be administered and managed from the global zone. So, as you suggest, if multiple zones share a filesystem, one can use up resources another would like to use. Your general UFS is shared unless exclusively allocated to a zone by the global administrator. This goes for zonepath as well as other FSs mounted into a zone.

Just FYI: the need for one-zonepath-per-fs can be met today with UFS/SVM (use soft partitions if there will be many zones) and, in the near future, with ZFS.


[1] Exceptions include: ZFS via delegation into a zone and reservations; file systems created on lofi mounted files; file systems created on raw devices configured to the zone and created within that zone (if the file system allows that).

...and NFS mounts, which must be managed by the non-GZ's.

Michael Barrett wrote On 08/24/06 23:17,:

How do inodes work on zones? If your investigating running out of inodes within a single zone, do you run the ncheck command from the global zone on the partition the zone in question is mounted on? Does this mean a disk partition that is being used by multiple zones has a higher chance of running out of inodes?

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