There is on, but I can't seem to find it again.
I passed it off to one of my customers too.

Peter Wilk wrote:

Thanks and I  agree with you, but customer wants to see documentation
from SUN which states that ..any thoughts where that would be found


Brian Kolaci wrote On 08/25/06 10:52,:
Peter Wilk wrote:


IHAC that created zones and wants the users to be able to reboot the
zones.they put the following in their password file:

bounce:x:0:1:Bounce Account:/:/usr/sbin/reboot

this way a user can 'su bounce ' and reboot the zone..The zone hangs
while coming down and customer wants to know why..

I checked with my escalation engineers and they mentioned that
'zoneadm -z ' was the correct proocedure to take down a zone..

Customer is stating there is no documentation that states that zoneadm
is the only procedure to take down a zone and that reboot is not

So I am looking for docmentation that confirms the correct procedures to
take down a zone and where reboot is not correct.

It maybe that reboot is acceptable as root but not supported using the
pasword file, but customer needs to see it in writing



The only problem with reboot is that the "shutdown" scripts don't run.
You would be better off with "init 0" or "shutdown -i0 -y".
Using "reboot" or "halt" doesn't have applications gracefully shutdown,
they just get killed.

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