Marlanne DeLaSource writes:
> What are the advantages/disadvantages of creating a zone with the -b
> option (like in the excellent page here
> by Brendan Gregg). It
> duplicates a lot of space but what can be done that can't be with a
> normal zone (called a small zone in the page quoted above).

It allows users inside the zone to write to the directories (/lib,
/platform, /sbin, and /usr) that would otherwise be inherited from the
global zone.  When a directory is inherited, it's read-only inside the
zone, even to all-powerful root.  (Though root may, of course, mount
other things underneath.)

This can be helpful with non-Sun software that (nontheless and despite
filesystem(5)) installs to /usr.

For what it's worth, the two models are normally called "sparse root"
and "whole root."

> Is it supported ?

Everything documented in man pages (such as the -b option) is
supported, unless somehow explicitly disclaimed.

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