Jerry Jelinek wrote:
Marlanne DeLaSource wrote:

Hi again,

I'm still playing with zones...
I was having a look at the clingan zone, and there is a snapshot of a tool here :

This tool has a nice display and seems to manage containers.

I have installed sun management center 361, but it doesn't seem to be that tool. I don't have the email of Mr Clingan.

Any idea where I can get this tool ?

I think that is the Solaris Container Manager

It is supposed to be part of the SunMC product, according to the
web site, so I am not sure why you don't have it.

Solaris Container Manager AddOn is optional and must be selected during AddOn selection time while isntallating SunMC. If this was not done it can be installed later as well using the same installer. To check AddOn selections you can review /var/opt/SUNWsymon/install for the installation log files. The gif screenshot does not appear to be an SCM screen shot. SCM AddOn is part of the SunMC 361 image, therefore, if not already installed can be installed by rerunning the installer and only selecting SCM AddOn.


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