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On 9/7/06, Dick Davies <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I could have sworn a 'ps -ef' (as a non-privileged user)
> in the global zone only showed processes in the global zone.
> As of b46, that's no longer the case.
> Is the change intentional?

I'm quite sure I've never seen that but I'm still at b38.  Which build
was it that you saw that?

I could've sworn straight Sol10 hid zones processes by default
(I asked a friend before posting, and he thought so too).
Obviously we dreamt it :)

What threw me in the first place was the fact that I only have one user
in the global zone (for sshing in), and another in a zone (for running

I installed the SMF bits for postgres in the non-global zone, but this needed
xml manifests in /lib (in the _global_ zone).

Since I've only been using Solaris for about a month,
I logged into the top zone to check that was ok and ran 'ps -ef'

a) I thought postgres was running in the global zone
b) I thought it was running as *me*!

Of course, that's because both I and 'postgres' are uid=100. But since
I wasn't expecting to see zoned processes, I freaked out :)

the '-z' flag cleared it up.

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