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2.  Is there a good doc/info on setting up filesystems specifically for
specific zones, I will be mounting SAN space at the global zone level (I
suppose) and then need to mount it under the specific zones its meant for.

       The best document I have found that discusses non-global zones
and filesystems is Jeff Victor's Blueprints doc on Containers ...

       I know Jeff is working on a revised copy, as there are a
number of typos in the original.

       The short answer, from what I have done and read is, mount the
SAN based volumes and filesystem in the global zone, then loopback
(LOFS) mount them into the non-global zones as needed. We have been
doing this with FC attach SE-3511 based volumes for a few months now
with little to no problems. We are putting an SE-6920 based SAN on
line in the next couple weeks (months ?) and will have more data then.

Paul Kraus
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