Thanks for the info, but it all was rather to maintain current setup where packages are already installed and configured with zones. but my problem is that when I have global zone and I have legato networker installed in it and I configure new zone those packages are ingerited by that zone, what I wanted to do is use zonecfg to exclude certain packages so that when I install zone they would not be installed in new zones.. Yes I can go after installation and remove them I guess but if I neede dto create many zones that process would be rather painful or not efficient.


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Hello all, I am just getting into zones, so I have a system on which I wanted to create few zones, when I do install it does fail on legato packages. I do not need to install legato packages in my zones so I woul dlike to exclude them,
whats the easiest way to do it during the configuration of zone process?

If you are using pkgadd to install the Legato software (it has been
years since I installed Networker), then you can just hand pkgadd the
'-G' option which tells pkgadd to only install in the current zone. So
if you are installing Legato in the global zone, you would just do a
'pkgadd -G -d .' in the directory with the packages. This would instll
Legato in the global zone only.

See the man page for pkgadd for more information as well as and for
information about packages and zones.

Paul Kraus
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