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1. Should the zonepath, the directory that holds the local zone
definitions in the global zone be a separate filesystem, or simply a
directory under the root filesystem in the global zone?

It can be either. If you put multiple zones on the same file system, the share resources, which could lead to contention for the space and bandwidth.

If you put zones on separate file systems, you can distribute the load, and you can also avoid one zone filling up a file system affecting another zone. Quota with ZFS helps prevent this.

You can also mix the two, having some zones share a file system and other zones share a different file system. This is all for the "root" pointed to by zonepath. Any additional file systems applied to a zone can have similar decision points.

2. I assume that swap in the local zones is really the swap defined on
the slice within the global zone. Is that correct?

Yes, at this time.

If I have a global zone with 2 local zones and slice 1 in the global
zone is 8 GB in size, does that mean 8 GB of swap space is shared among
the global and 2 local zones? What if I need to ensure that each of my
two local zones has at least 4 GB of swap?

Yes. You need to wait for swap sets extension to resource pools.



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