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JC> Robert Milkowski writes:
>> Hello zones-discuss,
>>   If I add my own entry to /etc/zones/index with the same UUID as some
>>   other zone or with no UUID at all what should I expect?

JC> Once Zulu comes out, that'll confuse the upgrade bits.  They use the
JC> UUID to track zones across renames and to ensure that we don't
JC> accidentally "synchronize" (LU) zones that have been uninstalled and
JC> then reinstalled.

JC> I can't guarantee that this is the only thing that will break, as we
JC> may end up adding other things later that are dependent on UUID, but
JC> it's the first one.

Perhaps zonecfg should be enhanced to provide an option to re-generate
UUID. What do you think?

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