Robert Milkowski writes:
> JC> I can't guarantee that this is the only thing that will break, as we
> JC> may end up adding other things later that are dependent on UUID, but
> JC> it's the first one.
> Perhaps zonecfg should be enhanced to provide an option to re-generate
> UUID. What do you think?

No, zonecfg doesn't do things like that.

It's zoneadm that adds the UUID when the zone is installed, and
removes it when the zone is uninstalled.  Each UUID represents an
incarnation of the zone.

I can see no reason why you'd ever want to change this, except perhaps
for some sort of internal zones-related testing.  If that's the
purpose here, then all bets are off, as our own testing gate uses all
sorts of undocumented internal interface to do its work.

If there's some other reason to do this, then please explain.

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