Is this a bug in Fair Share Scheduling (FSS) bug?:

Following "Brendan Gregg" example page to set up Fair Share Scheduling
  • I initiating Fair Share Scheduling with /usr/sbin/dispadmin -d FSS and rebooted the Global zone.
  • I next created three zone configuration with rctl zone.cpu-shares.
  • Tested them out and everything worked as advertised.
I then decided to remove Fair Share Scheduling from Global zone by deleting the /etc/dispadmin.conf file created with dispadmin and rebooted the global zone again .

When everything came up along with the other zones, FSS was still running on the other zones because their configuration files still contained the rctl zone.cpu-shares information. I did a ps -efc which showed an FSS process and used  /usr/sbin/prctl -n zone.cpu-shares -i zone <zonename>  to showed FSS values for these zones. Is this bogus data now?

I could still set FSS for the Global with /usr/sbin/prctl -n zone.cpu-share -v <share value> -r zone global. even though the /etc/dispadmin.conf no longer existed.  This cause my admins to be somewhat confused as it appears that the /etc/dispadmin.conf file is really not required.

Does this mean that we do not need to run /usr/sbin/dispadmin on the Global zone or is this a bug and with this bogus output?

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