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DCSC> Robert,

>> Perhaps zonecfg should be enhanced to provide an option to re-generate
>> UUID. What do you think?

DCSC> May I ask what you are actually try to accomplish by manually updating
DCSC> the index file?  Using zonecfg and zoneadm is the higher level
DCSC> interfaces is the right thing to do but I'm unclear why you would need
DCSC> such an option.

Manually clone a zone, like:

1. shutdown zone orig
2. zfs snapshot zones/[EMAIL PROTECTED]
3. zfs clone zones/[EMAIL PROTECTED] zones/app-1
4. copy orig zone in /etc/zones/index file and change name/path to app-1
5. copy orig.xml to app-1.xml and change pathname, zonename, etc.
6. boot new zone

However with #4 should I stay with the same UUID for both zones, or
leave empty filed for new one, or...?

ps. I know in snv it's built-in in zoneadm (zone cloning) but I need
    U2 and want to do it manually (no sysidcfg, etc...)

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